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Looking for an electrician in East Auckland? Come to Gary White Electrical.

We take pride in our team of expert commercial and industrial electricians. Not only do we have extensive experience, but we also have the specific skills that your electrical project needs. When you choose Gary White Electrical, you can trust that you are getting premium service.

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Kiwi businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on computer software and data collection, making electrical work more important than ever. By focusing on commercial and industrial electrical services, we have honed our expertise in this kind of work. Whatever your facility's electrical needs are, whether they be electrical cabling, data cabling, CCTV, switchboards, UPS, power factors, and more, our team has you covered.

Give us a call on 09 273 3043 to talk to us about your project. It can be large scale or small. We can help you with reparations (including emergency repairs), upgrades, maintenance, and installations. Ask us about any specialist work you need to get done - it will also undoubtedly be within our skillset.

Choose us if you are looking for electrical experts who will complete the job to the highest standard. We are committed to client satisfaction, implementing your vision exactly as you want the work to get done. We turn up on time, and we deliver on our promises.

We also have operating electricians in East Tamaki and many more suburbs around the wider Auckland region. Wherever you are across Auckland, come to Gary White Electrical.

Electrician East Auckland

Commercial and industrial electrical work

Not all electricians are the same. Commercial and industrial electrical work is vastly different from what gets done in residential areas and homes. At Gary White Electrical in East Auckland, we work with high voltage power supplies and operate in the following:

  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Chemical plants
  • Mines
  • … and more!

Your business might require electrical work for a number of reasons. Perhaps you wish to upgrade the system you already have in place, undergo a regular maintenance check or get our help with electrical repairs. The repair work we can provide can range from simple fixes on minor issues to the correction of safety hazards and critical issues.

Electrical maintenance

Under our maintenance services, the electrician in East Auckland that you choose from us can cover the testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacement of parts in your electrical system. The failure of even a single component in your electrical system could have drastic consequences for your business operations, and that is why our team at Gary White Electrical is here to help prevent such mishaps from happening.

Using preventative electrical maintenance techniques, we can identify problems early and put a stop to them before they even get noticed on the operations side of things. For example, uncharged batteries in your backup generator might not be an everyday issue, but you will certainly notice them if there is a power outage!

Your commercial or industrial facility should not go without our electrical maintenance services. Our ability to catch faults early will save you the gigantic hassle of dealing with unexpected power outages and will protect your electrical system from getting damaged.

Electrical repair

Regardless of the size or scale of the repair you need doing, we have the expertise to see it through, whether that’s a broken socket or a major rewiring of your building. Our team of qualified professionals at Gary White Electrical have the knowledge and expertise to complete the electrical repair services that you need to get done to the highest standard.

When we carry out a repair for you, we can upgrade your system so that your system works better and is safer than it did before. In doing this, we can rate and check your entire electrical system to ensure you are getting solid currents all the way through. We will check every wire and outlet, also preventing you from having to deal with gigantic power bills.

Our health and safety focus

In addition to these general repairs and upgrades, we can also undergo checks on your underground wiring system. We know the correct procedures in digging up and checking all your underground wires without disturbing the ground or the operations in your facility.

Emergency repair: If your operations experience a power outage, we can come immediately to your site to correct it. The sooner you call us, the better. Power outages can affect your normal operations such as lighting, air conditioning, and the ability for appliances to work properly.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the commercial and industrial electrical field, we know the ins and outs of how to work safely. Our health and safety procedures are robust and fully compliant with government regulations.

Our team at Gary White Electrical would like to note that even minor electrical repairs require specialist knowledge and training. Thanks to our extensive training and experience, we know how to fix electrical problems efficiently and safely – preventing fire risks from arising in your building.

Why you should choose Gary White Electrical

Our team of electricians are here to provide your facility with exceptional electrical services. If you’re looking for an electrician in East Auckland who:

Follows correct protocol and turns up on time

Cares about customer service

Sticks to robust health and safety procedures

Has specialist knowledge in commercial and industrial electrical work

Can tailor their service to meet your electrical requirements

Delivers work to an exceptionally high standard

Offers affordable rates

Then choose Gary White Electrical. We can undergo any electrical repairs, maintenance, and upgrades that you might need. Don’t waste your time with do-it-all electricians who spend most of their time working on residential facilities and limiting their experience in commercial and industrial electrical services.

We take pride in the fact that when our clients choose us, they stick to us. Join our crew of happy customers and give us a call today!