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At Gary White Electrical, we are the top registered, #1 electrician in Pakuranga, Auckland. We are electrical contractors specialising in industrial and commercial work for small and large projects. Call now!

Your search for reliable, hard-working, and experienced electricians is over. At Gary White Electrical, we have the skills and range of services you need. Plus, we have an excellent reputation in the industry thanks to the quality of workmanship we deliver and our outstanding customer service.

 Electrician Pakuranga

We do not work on residential jobs. As a result, our electricians are the best in the industry for commercial and industrial electrical work.

If you run a business in Pakuranga and need an electrician, call us today on (09) 273 3043.

Electrical suppliers Auckland

At Gary White Electrical, we offer a full range of electrical services, including installations, repairs, and anything else your electrical equipment requires.

We have excellent working relationships with Auckland’s best electrical suppliers, so we can get affordable, quality parts and materials on short notice. Our team can also service the electrics in your business to prevent faults from occurring.

If you want your commercial and industrial electrical work done properly, you cannot just go to any regular electrical company. Most electrical companies spend most, if not all, of their time conducting residential and small-scale commercial work.

In contract, at Gary White Electrical, we spend our time honing our abilities for servicing commercial and industrial enterprises. Such work requires highly specialised skills, and as your #1 electrician in Pakuranga, we are the team that has them.

Our services

Because of our specialised services, not only do we have more advanced technical skills, but we also have a better understanding of the needs of business owners. We know how important it is that your operations can continue smoothly.

Whether you run a business office, retail store, restaurant, shopping centre, industrial plant or anything else, come to us, and we will make sure we keep disturbances to a minimum. Each manufacturing industry and commercial operation has its own unique needs, and because our team had a comprehensive understanding of these, we will do a superb job every time.

We will tailor our services according to the needs of your business. For example, we can do this by allocating an electrician to your job who has prior experience working with the equipment your business uses.

Electrical repairs

As your #1 electrician in Pakuranga, our team will promptly sort out all your electrical repairs, thereby protecting the safety of your employees as well as the efficiency of your operations. From minor fixes to 24-hour emergency electrical repairs, we have your back.

If you notice a fault in your electrical system, give our team a call straight away, and we will get your business back running like clockwork in no time.

Electrical maintenance

We will save you the hassle of dealing with a damaged electrical system and unexpected power outages by testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing parts in our electrical maintenance services. Our expert team can identify problems and stop them before you even notice them.

As part of our electrical maintenance services, we can carry out full assessments of your electrical system, including your underground wires if you require, all the while minimising disruption to your business.

Electrical installations and upgrades

Does your facility need a system upgrade? Are you in need of a comprehensive commercial or industrial electrical fit-out? Get your facility running like clockwork with a fresh electrical system installed by the #1 electrician in Pakuranga.

We can walk you through the best solutions to get your electrics running more efficiently and safely - saving you money on electricity bills and minimising fire risks.

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You will get excellent workmanship from our electricians as well as outstanding customer service. Not only that, but we also offer competitive rates based on our philosophy of having an honest and transparent pricing policy.

Our Services

Here at Gary White Electrical, we are not in it for a quick buck. Instead, we want to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with you, completing electrical work for your business now and in the future.
In return, you can get a company that you know has your back. We are available 24/7 for our existing clients, so if you have an unexpected power outage or you notice any urgent faults in your electrical system, we will help you at any time.
Whether you need electrical repairs, maintenance, upgrades or installations, our electricians are well-equipped to get the job done. Plus, we have excellent relationships with the best electrical suppliers in Auckland. That means we can get the parts and materials we need quickly and at an affordable price.
To further discuss your requirements and get you a free, no-obligation quote, call us today on (09) 273 3043.