24-Hour Electrical Services Auckland

Are you looking for a 24-hour electrician in Auckland? Gary White Electrical has over 30 years of experience with commercial and industrial electrical services. Call us today!

Our 24-hour emergency repair and support services are available for all of our existing commercial and industrial clients. Since we typically have long-standing relationships with these clients, we are familiar with their facilities and businesses to find fast, effective solutions for any electrical emergency. 

24-Hour Electrical Services Auckland

At Gary White, we stand out from the competition because we specialise in providing commercial and industrial electrical services across Auckland, including South Auckland, Howick, and Remuera. As a result, our electricians have the specific skills and knowledge you need, along with extensive experience working in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments. That includes everything from shops and offices to factories and gas refinery plants. You can trust us to get the job done to the highest possible standard, without cutting corners when it comes to quality. Contact us today to discuss your wider electrical installation, repair, and maintenance needs. We can put in place an agreement that includes 24-hour support. Call us on (09) 273 3043 to find out more about our 24-hour electrical services.

Benefits of our 24/7 Electrical Services

Depending on the agreement we put in place when you choose Gary White services, we can be available 24/7. Getting backed by Gary White Electrical’s emergency 24-hour electrician means your facility’s electrical system has all the support it needs, available any time. When we are the provider you choose for 24/7 electrical services, you get to enjoy the advantages of:

When to call an emergency electrician

When it comes to electrical issues, you should never try to fix them yourself. Electricity is dangerous to work with, and if you do not know what you are doing, mistakes can have serious consequences.

To make it easy for you, our commercial and industrial electricians are available whenever you require an emergency electrician.

If you are wondering when you might need emergency electrical services, we have put together a list of examples.

You Spot Exposed Wires

Exposed wires significantly increase the risk of fire, electric shock or even electrocution – so if you see them, you should call us straight away.

You Smell Burning

If you smell burning coming from your breaker box, any of the electrical outlets or an appliance, that means something is overheating. You should switch off the outlet, unplug anything that was attached to it, and call an emergency electrician.

Water Damage

Wires in water can be extremely dangerous, so if your house has experienced a flood or a plumbing leak, get in touch with a 24-hour electrician in Auckland straight away!

Sudden Power Outage

If your facility experiences a sudden power outage, firstly check to see if your neighbours are still getting power. Then, call your electric utility provider to find out if there is an issue with their service.

Sparking Outlets

It is normal to see a blue spark sometimes when attaching an appliance to an electrical outlet. However, if the sparks and yellow or white, last longer than usual or are especially noticeable, that is abnormal behaviour for an electrical spark. In these cases, you should get hold of our emergency electrical services.

Buzzing or Humming Breaker Box

Faulty wiring in your breaker box or distribution board can be a dangerous situation. To avoid electrical failures or fires, get in touch with Gary White Electrical straight away!

Book an Emergency Electrician Now

We understand how important it is to keep your staff safe and minimise interruptions to your business. Here at Gary White Electrical, we can provide a 24-hour electrician in Auckland to have your back whenever you need us.

Our team of master electricians will get your electrical system back up and running in no time. If you are an existing client and you notice something unusual going on with your power, do not hesitate to call us straight away! Not one of our clients yet? Get in touch at (09) 273 3043, and we can arrange a plan to get your electrical needs covered.

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